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Take your game to the next level with


Take your game to the next level with nutrition. 

A registered sports dietitian who is on a mission to empower athletes to fuel their bodies with confidence.


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I’m Stephanie.

I am here to help you...
Feel confident in fueling your body
Improve your relationship with food
Create your hydration plan
End the cycle of under-fueling (REDs)
Feel energized with a strong nutrition foundation.

Feel stressed planning what to eat to have energy during Practice, games, and competitions?

Question how much protein you need to build muscle?

Feel like you are under-fueling or not giving your body all of the energy and nutrients that it needs to keep you playing at your best?

Have concerns about changes in your menstrual cycle, energy drops, or changes in your performance?

Do you...

Let's focus on your nutrition

Online Self Paced course

Elite Fuel
1:1 Coaching sessions

Work with me

Nutrition for teams, schools & speaking events

Personalized nutrition coaching sessions to help you build and adapt your fueling plan with confidence. Individual sessions and a package with additional support and accountability are available. 

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An online,  self paced coaching program designed for high school athletes. The online course allows you to watch videos and download materials when you have time.

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I love connecting with teams, schools, and organizations who want to support their athletes with nutrition. Please message me here to start the conversation about supporting your team or group with a speaking event or workshop.

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a six week virtual group for parents and family members of elite middle & high school athletes who want to take the stress and confusion out of keeping their athletes energized.

Fueling your Athlete

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Let's work together to...

  • Create consistency in your fueling plan
  • Build & strengthen your muscle
  • Support your recovery
  • Fine tune your hydration plan
  • End the cycle of Under- fueling and Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs)
  • Recover your menstrual cycle
  • Supporting you on your recovery journey through disordered eating
  • Be consistent with fuel when you travel
  • Reduce your injury risk or support injury recovery
  • Choose safe and appropriate supplements
  • Develop a game day & tournament fueling plan
  • and more!

Overcome the cycle of under-fueling, feeling hungry, and low in energy by being consistent with your nutrition


Have confidence in building a strong performance plate that adapts to your training

Now is your time to build a strong nutrition plan.

You deserve to...

Let's get started

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Nutrition is a powerful tool to help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

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A fueling guide designed to help you build a strong foundation in nutrition and fuel timing.

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