a six week virtual group for parents and family members of elite middle & high school athletes who want to take the stress and confusion out of keeping their athletes energized.

Next Group starts August 2024

You will be the first to know when enrollment opens! Spaces is limited.

Fueling your Athlete

6 Weeks of recipes and athlete focused menus. With additional seasonal and video recipe demos each week!

Focus on meal planning to help you confidently feed your entire family!

A dietitian and community of amazing parents that are by your side every step of the way!

Weekly video modules breaking down key elements of your athlete's fueling pan - What to eat? When to eat? Under fueling, supplements, hydration, and more! 

Weekly group coaching calls to have your specific questions answered

Handouts & fueling guides to share with your athletes

Help your athlete take their game to the next level with nutrition! 




"I am listening to the first module and am already so thankful I signed up for this program!! 🙌 It is so well put together with so much clear and useful information for me!!"

Amy Riley

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A note for you

Learn what fuel sources your athlete thrives on.

Help them add variety with every meal and snack.

Ensure they are eating enough to keep up with growth and training!

Build your confidence in meal planning and cooking for an active family.

In this group you will…

Have a question I haven't answered?

The groups are smaller, 5 to 10 parents, so that we are able to connect and spend a lot of time answering questions on our team calls. With the limited space, if you are ready to join you definitely want to join the waitlist today!

how many people are in the group?

I know your life is busy! The modules are 10 to 25 minutes depending on the topic. I tried to keep them shorter so you can sneak them when you are watching practice or in the morning when you have a quiet moment.

How long are the video modules each week?

The group calls are recorded. You can send me a message with any questions you have, I will answer them on the call and you can watch the recording whenever you have time.

What if I am not able to make it to the group call?

The group calls are a chance for us to connect each week. Everyone has an opportunity to ask questions about the weekly modules, their specific athlete, or plan for the week coming up. 

What do we do on the group coaching calls?

I am so excited to work with you! To get started join the Fueling Your Athlete waitlist by clicking here. Once you are on the waitlist, you will be the first to know when registration opens.

How do I sign up?

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Next Group starts August 2024

You will be the first to know when enrollment opens! Spaces is limited.

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