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My mission is to create a generation of athletes who know how to confidently build and adapt their fueling plans for their unique training, growth, and nutrition needs. Your athletes will have the tools they need to be successful.


Athletes work hard. They push through long sessions and come back the next day for more. It's time to optimize every training session with a fueling plan to make them more competitive on game day. 


Your athletes have high energy needs. They need energy to train, build muscle, compete, and most importantly grow and develop. A strong nutrition strategy will support your team on and off the field.


Nutrition is a powerful tool to support
the health and performance of your athletes.

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Sports nutrition Library


Level up
nutrition toolkit


Team Talks & Workshops

  • For teams
  • For parents & families
  • In person or virtual sessions available

Learn how to prepare for pre season, energize for game day and more with workshops designed for teams, parents, and coaches.

Every session is designed around your team's current season and goals!

Gain a competitive edge as a team with a strong nutrition plan

Get started with a team talk

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by giving them the tools they need to succeed! Team talks, education tools, handouts, fueling guides, videos and more.

Let's help your athletes thrive..

Our goal is simple

Performance Plates

Level up nutrition toolkit

the topics

Pre training & recovery snacks

Carbohydrates & Protein

Meal ideas


Game day fueling guides & More!

what is included?
  • 35+ Slides for the screens in your training rooms, locker rooms, cafeteria and more! Plus printer friendly versions for bonus posters and handouts.
  • 5 handouts to help your athletes stay fueled
  • 10 social media posts

Download your toolkit now!

Downloadable resources for teams and schools

  • Add the slides to screens in your training rooms or cafeteria.
  • Print the slides as posters for bulletin boards or locker rooms.
  • Share the handouts during pre season
  • Use the handouts as talking points during team and parent meetings
  • Use the social media posts as reminders to athletes to prioritize their nutrition

It's time to support your athletes with nutrition!

How to use the Toolkit...

"The toolkit is a great resource for coaches. I was looking for basic information for my athletes to help them eat more and improve their diets. If you need somewhere to start this is it."

- Justin H. - coach & Parent

"The girls on our team are young. We wanted to get them started on a path of good nutrition. The talk has really sparked their interest in nutrition!!"

- Susan B - Coach
Lydia's Angels

"Working with Stephanie was the best! This season we really wanted our athletes to have everything they need to win. They have more energy and are prioritizing their recovery."

- Kaeley Q. - coach

A nutrition resource library for athletes who are motivated to
take their game to the next level.

Academy Access for your athletes

Monthly team coaching calls to connect with me (your sports dietitian) and ask your questions!

BONUS: Parent & Family resources! Plus conversations with Sports & Performance experts (physical therapy, mental health, and more!) to help you become a well rounded athlete!

Special pricing for teams and schools!

Over 30 foundational fueling videos walking you through how to build your fueling plan using my 4Fuel Method!

Resources, guides, and handouts to help you design your personalized plan.

Game day fueling guides and recipes to keep you energized and competitive.

What is included?

Nutrition resource library + GRoup Coaching

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A fueling guide designed to help you build a strong foundation in nutrition and fuel timing.

 Nutrition Playbook

Get the

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I invite you to schedule a free call where we can chat about how we can work together to support your team with nutrition.

I'm Stephanie.
A sports dietitian who is dedicated to helping athletes take their game to the next level with nutrition.


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